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What is it all about?

What is a Pagan Podcast?

Our beloved host, Elle Shepard, claims to be over 76 years old (doesn't look it but that's her claim), with a life long partner and 3 cats, a mortgage and has a very interesting life which apparently has no intention of getting boring for at least a few more years!

She's a High Priestess for The Order of the Ancient Path (This is the same as being the Bishop in an Episcopalian Church complete with the robes, candles, hardware, bling, candles, did we say candles?) She converted by finding someone to sponsor her in 1974 - and she stayed in the shadows for years. Not trying to appear mysterious - that's what you did in those days... we have vivid memories of the "Burning Days..."

(We'll discuss this on one of the shows!)

Elle Herself!

She's cobbled together a Masters degree and worked in Europe for the DOD for well over 30 years as Chief of Entertainment for MWR, Music and theatre etc., for troops, family members and Local Nationals, (in which ever country we were renting at the time). And yes, it was fabulous!

When she wasn't doing that, she was running theatres and recreational projects stateside for various communities to include Savannah (GA) Leisure Services Bureau- and since she also had a degree in Marketing.. she was able to switch back and forth when there wasn't a theatre position available... but her heart belonged to Theatre... interestingly, the two vocations were very valuable to each other. Who knew? The command in Europe asked her (firmly) to get that marketing thing under her belt!

"Being a Witch makes everything in life much more interesting... Downright vivid at times... even at my age. This includes people. Finding where one belongs in life is a lifelong quest... but when you find, at the very least, a faith that doesn't make you want to put your head through a glass window for not being able to live up to the dogma attached - you have evolved. You still have to deal with life... but it gets way more fun. If we ever meet, ask me the 10 ways to piss off a witch. You'll love it... unless you are a dick, in which case, that is a personal problem."
- Elle Shepard

Where can I listen?

The Wytching Hour provides a rare combination of informative and entertaining Pagan material!

David Harden High Priest, Ancient Path Covenstead (Augusta)

There is NO pressure for Anyone to join this religion and NO proselytizing from our own folks - If you are curious -we will chat with you -If you are not, Just enjoy the day with the rest of us.

Elle Shepard Host

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